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Hi, I am Kadi

Kadi and Babies started operating in 2017 after seeing how many questions were being fielded from my friends about pregnancy, babies and family life. The group was shared on different platforms and information about it also reached various media publications. We started working closely with the latter so that different topics could be covered as much as possible. I also started a blog,, where all the content would be available in one place, available in Estonian and English.

One of my fields of activity is teaching baby massage (in Estonia it is classed as physiotherapy) and in 2017 I ran the first workshops and conducted home visits in Estonia. The sessions extended beyond baby massage, covering everything that interested new parents or families expecting a baby.

My professional qualifications include:

  • Maternity Nurse

  • Breastfeeding Supporter

  • Sleep Consultant

  • Baby Massage Teacher and Practitioner

  • Infant Loss Supporter

  • Mental Health Supporter

I have been working with babies and toddlers for the last ten years, including the last few years as the nanny in a family where one of the children has special needs (I have also written about this in the blog). Working with families has been exciting and full of challenges. I have been fortunate to travel the world with the families I have worked for.

Services offered by Kadi and Babies, mainly in London and Estonia, travel requests considered on a per-client basis:

  • Baby massage workshops

  • Home visits

  • Maternity nurse service

  • Consultations by e-mail

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