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Baby coming up: 10 things that should be ready at home

Having a baby always comes with a lot of questions – for example, which items should be prepared ahead of time before the newborn’s arrival? ( for advice from a baby counsellor Kadi Leppik.

‘For a new mom it is extremely important to have a supportive and a helpful partner, who helps her adjust to the new situation and would ensure that the new mom is able to have one of the most important things – time to rest,’ she starts. ‘Although there are a couple of things that you should consider investing in to ensure you are prepared. For example a good electrical breast pump, breast feeding pillows and a well-fitted specialty bra for breastfeeding. To observe baby’s breathing, I would also recommend to have a baby breathing monitor. As a bonus tip which may seem a little funny, is that I would advise to have some cabbage kept in the fridge so that after breastfeeding you can easily cool down sensitive breasts with a cold cabbage leaf,’ she lists.

‘You will definitely need to invest in a good pram where you can regulate the height, and I would also advise to get one that has a cup holder. Additionally you should have comfortable clothing for different weather conditions (a rain coat, a good parka, warm trousers, wellies/rain boots, gore-tex winter boots) because the baby will need to experience different weather conditions.’ For the bedroom, Kadi recommends darkening shades to ensure that light will not interrupt the baby’s sleep and a wider armchair or a swing chair with wide armrests that would be comfortable for breast feeding. ‘You should also consider getting the baby their own bed and a very simple baby cot will be enough.’


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