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Baby massage

It's never too early or late to learn baby massage.

Why, and how do babies develop muscle tension? All babies have muscle tension at birth, but some have more, and this is because the baby's living environment is quite cramped in the last months before birth. Babies who grow very fast or spend too much time in one position are also prone to muscle tension. How to determine muscle tension? In the baby massage workshop, we will review muscle tension and I will show you how to deal with them on a daily basis through various exercises. Why is baby massage important and how does it affect the baby's sleep, feeding, digestion and growing up with the parents? By massaging the baby every day, the baby's body begins to absorb 25% more oxygen, thanks to which the child's physical and mental development is guaranteed, better sleep quality, less gas or a gas-free baby, better digestion. The most important thing is that the parent learns to know their baby and how to determine what kind of massage your baby needs at the moment. Who are the best massage therapists for babies? The best masseur for every newborn is its parent, and that's because every touch of a stranger can cause stress in the baby, and if the baby cries/screams, you shouldn't continue because the baby refuses to cooperate with the stranger. Standing on tiptoe and walking among small children, is it good or bad? If the baby starts to show interest in being upright and standing, but does it on tiptoe, then this is an example that the muscles of the buttocks are weak and when the baby starts to walk, they can seriously injure themselves. Parents with older children also get good tips and recommendations from me on tiptoe walking. In baby massage workshops/home visits, I teach massage, which in Estonia is classified under physiotherapy. If you don't have a baby yourself or the workshop/home visit falls on a time when the baby is sleeping, there are baby massage dolls to practice on. All appointments are face-to-face because I want to make sure that hand movements and positions are correct and that the baby is not inadvertently harmed.


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