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Book recommendation: Bumpalicious by Denise Van Outen

We tend to think a lot about how pregnancy and the baby’s arrival will change our everyday life, our relationships with close ones and with our partner, and this can keep going on and on in our minds like a broken cassette.

I work with babies, whole families and with soon-to-be mothers, so I can definitely understand what it means to have a newborn in the house. I can only say that every family is different and until the baby actually arrives we can only guess how it is going to be.

Denise Van Outen has released this book in which she very simply but sweetly writes about pregnancy and how she went about her everyday life. I definitely recommend this book to be read already before planning for the baby as it gives you a glimpse to what is to come and will prepare you both mentally and physically. It also advises not to shy away from offering help to your friend who already has a baby and to take time to arrange your life exactly how you would think it would be during your pregnancy. Move more, eat well, learn to take time for yourself and plan what you definitely want to do before pregnancy.

You must’ve heard before that pregnant women have to eat for two – I mean who hasn’t? Not many know that this is actually a myth! In reality your body only needs around 200-300 extra calories daily during your last 3 months of pregnancy.

How often you should exercise, what to eat and how much to sleep, how to arrange your work schedule and how to break the news that there is a little ‘teapot’ on the way?

To all of these questions and a lot more you will find answers from the book Bumpalicious – how to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


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