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Death of a baby or toddler

Everyone is afraid of it, but no one talks about it in public. We only hear about the news when there is a tragic accident involving babies.

Think for a moment how many families you know in your immediate area who have lost a baby during pregnancy, childbirth - or before the child turns one year old.... Sadly I know hundreds of families in this position.

I update myself daily on how to help such families and how to create more confidence in subsequent pregnancies.

It is a sad fact that the hospital staff and many doctors do not always know how to communicate with the family in such a situation, let alone relatives or friends. If the family doesn't get help right away, it can lead to deep depression, they start blaming themselves or others for what happened.

What can be done to reduce stress for pregnant women about whether the baby's heart is beating and everything is fine?

There are monitors with which you can listen to the baby's heartbeat from the stomach, luckily they are not outrageously expensive, prices starts from a few tens of Euros. I found different variants on the internet when I typed baby heartbeat monitor in the search, there are plenty of devices to choose from.

How many people know about such a device that attaches to the baby's bed and gives an immediate signal if the baby is not breathing? I didn't know about it until I started learning about baby deaths.

Causes of infant death:

– babies who are premature (born before 37 weeks) or have a very low birth weight (less than 2.5 kg) are more likely to die

– a baby who has not grown enough

– placental abruption

– infection during pregnancy

– sudden infant death

– the child is stillborn

– death due to an accident

– genetic or psychological abnormality

– complicated birth


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