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The first days in Estonia have been very busy.

Lots of meetings with experts in my field and home visits to share my knowledge and answer a whole bunch of questions.

One of the big attractions of meeting everyone has been the baby doll used in first aid training brought from London, where you can practice CPR techniques. We have also talked about the ability of medical care and ambulance to arrive if you live further away.

Let's be realistic, today every family can make a contribution to improving cooperation with the ambulance simply by going through first aid training (before the birth of a child), where there is a baby doll with attached sensors as a practical part used in CPR training. The sensors let you know if you are doing heart massage at the right place, speed, and strength.

Feedback from everyone who has been able to practice resuscitation on my baby doll:

  • “I didn't know that the baby should be resuscitated first and then call an ambulance"

  • “My God, I panicked, I don't know what to do!"

  • “When I did my studies in medical scool, there was no such doll, but it is very good and necessary!"

  • “Now I know what to do if something happens to my little brother because mommy panics” (7 year old)

  • “Listen Kadi, it's a good workout and not as easy as it seems in theory"

  • “How long you stay in Estonia, could I practice more on this doll, and you know I would also invite my parents, because they spend a lot of time with the children"

My suggestion to find the best place that teaches first aid for children and babies, call and ask if they have such a baby doll, if not and offer online training, then call the next trainer. First aid training is the best investment, so that you can be the first life saver for your own and other children's in a crisis!


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