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From a weekly ski trip to a 24/7 caretaker for three months.

28.06 marked two weeks since I am back in London, but unfortunately not at home. At first, I thought that I would write a long post about living someone else's family life 24/7 for exactly three months. In fact, I finished writing it last weekend but decided to wait before publishing. Firstly, it is insanely long and secondly, who bothers to read it anyway?

Those who followed me from mid-March know that I was booked by a family for a skiing trip which was cancelled a few hours before the flight because the Swiss Alps were all closed. COVID-19 began to aggressively expand its grip. The client made a quick change and the holiday had a new destination outside of London where the family has a country home.

The situation in the country changed within hours and my week ended up being three months. That was simply because my employer in London couldn't offer me accommodation to live with them, both parents set up a home office and started dividing their days alternating who takes care of the children. (I think they managed, but it was definitely not easy, I have no doubt about that with children of five and three years old.) The family I was maternity nurse at night time went bad, the mother disappointed that I did not go back to London. There wasn't much scope for me to return as my area of ​​work in London had the highest number of infections and deaths.

The family I was staying with needed help with the children 24/7 because one of them has special needs. As soon as the government instructions came and everyone was told to stay at home, the family with whom I was only supposed to stay for a week suggested that I could stay with them and work 24/7 - without thinking twice, I accepted the offer. Looking back, of course, it was the best thing that could have happened at the time, I'm not the type to just sit at home and do nothing (in fact, it wouldn't have happened because I always find something to do).

In our first week in the country house I got really sick and for the next few weeks I worked, but I don't even know how?!?! At the end of the first week, I received a message from my family I been night maternity nurse in London that a family member visiting them from France had been diagnosed with COVID-19. Since I haven't been tested, I still don't know what disease caught me, but the others in the house were not affected either.

The necessities for life were accompanied by a small suitcase, which included some books and yarn for knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately, we had to admit that the season started to change and I desperately needed summer clothes and shoes. That's how a plan was put in place with a car ordered for me by the morning of 13.04. First, an hour's drive to my home, where I took things that I might need in the following months. Next, I went to a nanny working in the family with me who was also free (24 hours the parents took care of the children themselves). Our first plan was to go to the grocery store, it was the first time in month that I had seen people outside the country house, and I hadn't been to a store either because everything was delivered to home. Yes - mask in front and wait in line at the store, one person every two meters, clean your hands and shopping cart when entering the store.

The next morning we drove back to the country house, and before I knew it, I had packed more yarn and books in addition to my summer wardrobe.


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