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How to choose a nanny?

I often get questions along the lines of ‘where can I find a good nanny?’ or ‘can you recommend me a nanny?’ My first response is usually ‘I don’t know’, and that is always followed by a question ‘how don’t you know?’ Let me explain, there’s a good reason for that. This is because everyone has different requirements and expectations in regards to a nanny. Although, I can help you a little bit and can give you a guideline on what to consider which helps you narrow down your perfect nanny. Ask yourself: Does the nanny have to be like you? If you are usually occupied with your laptop or with your phone, is that the same kind of nanny you would want to take care of your child(ren)? Or if you are physically and socially active – maybe you would need an active nanny who would take your child(ren) swimming, to parks, and to help them socialise. Would you need your nanny to be there between a specific timeframe or would you need someone more flexible? Sometimes if you do need to take an early flight somewhere or leave the house early, ask if you are able to count on the nanny to be there on time. Or is she someone you will have to call constantly to ensure that she’s not going to be late? Are you going to be alright with the fact that your child(ren) will have someone else to take care of them and to share their joys with apart from you? Sometimes it can be hard on a mother if their child(ren) look forward for their nanny to arrive to do something exciting, and this can create ill feelings such as guilt, jealousy and the feeling of not being good enough. This is definitely not the case, please do keep in mind that a mother can never be replaced.

If someone asks me, what should they look for in a nanny and where to find them, I have noted down a couple of points to consider if I would have to choose: 1. Specialised education, first aid course must be done, no previous criminal records. 2. Flexible (in regards to time), responsible, always learning new things. 3. Active, would spend as much time in fresh air with the children as possible. 4. Would cook with the children to expand their food palate. 5. Would talk about animals and nature, and if possible, visit mini zoos, different parks, museums and libraries with the children. 6. Would help children socialise and express themselves (this means that the nanny should not be engaged in their phones all the time and would not let children watch TV or play with a tablet unnecessarily) 7. Non-smoker. Additionally should not wear perfume, nail varnish or heavily scented moisturisers as children are extremely sensitive to different scents.

So where to meet such a wonderful person who would meet your expectations and requirements? I would advise to advertise this in different communities, share it on your Facebook page and ask applicants to send in their CV with a motivational letter. Please do take time to read through all applications, and if they do not meet your requirements, please send a letter to thank them for applying. Get in contact with your prospective nannies and if possible, take your child(ren) with you so that you can see how they interact. If there is something that does not feel right, then choose the applicant that you connect the best with instead of only relying on their CV. You always have to trust your instincts.


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