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How to meet other baby-moms?

Does it sound familiar – you are sitting at home pregnant, waiting for your loved baby to be born when slowly your friends start disappearing one by one and you start to feel very lonely. Keep in mind that everything is good for something and if your old friends are not interested in going out for a walk, then maybe you should consider making friends with others who understand you more, who you can share your happiness and concerns with.

Nowadays technology makes our lives very easy – starting from different apps and ending with online baby groups. Although these may not be the most efficient things to go for. There is another option that is the easiest and usually the most effective for when you are looking for new friends.

Go out for a walk with your little one (even if it’s still in your belly!) and please do feel free to talk to another mom out on a stroll, even if it is to understand if you two would match. You can always ask if they want to go on another walk next time around and yes, it’s that simple! After you exchange numbers, you can send a message in a day or two and offer them to join you for a fun activity (if they have not contacted you yet). Do not be persistent though, if there is no response then obviously she was not the type of a mom you would connect with. As a note, it may be the case that their child has fallen ill and they forgot to reply – that can happen to the best of us – so you can send another message in a week or so. And if there is no reply then, that means that stroll was a one-off thing. Of course you can try to make new connections through baby exercise sessions, swimming lessons, daycare groups and so on, which are usually close to kindergartens or sometimes even next to a school (some in London). For me these places have been the top spots where to find new friends. You can easily see if you two match – and at some point I was already having lunches and cups of coffees with them.

Why is it important to socialise after the baby is born? You will most definitely have a specific day outline and it is nothing better than to leave the house for a couple of hours, to be in a different environment with people who understand you the best. You can share your tips and you can even learn new things on how to take care of your own baby. All the groups where I have been to for the past many many years, they have only given me positive experiences and it also gives you an opportunity to give away the things you do not need anymore to other moms. The main thing is – do not give up!


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