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How to relieve the baby from gas and constipation the help of tummy massage.

There is nothing more stressful for the parents than a baby suffering from digestion problems. Most certainly not for a family who has emptied the whole local pharmacy of gas relief medicine in the middle of the night.

How often should my baby poop? To understand if the baby is healthy, they should poop twice a day – this applies to babies who are only on breastmilk. Many say that with breastmilk it is normal to poop once a week because everything is used by the baby’s body but this is not true. Imagine yourself if you do not go to the bathroom for a whole week.

Actually I have a very simple tip for you to help the baby’s digestion to ensure that everything is working properly.

Place the baby on the floor and first make circular motions with the right hand’s palm (not with the tips of your fingers) around the belly button clockwise. Clockwise because poop is usually stuck between 5 and 6 on the clock. Then with both hands, push from between the hip and the ribcage towards the centre of the stomach into a triangle and then do circular motions around the bellybutton again in a clockwise motion. Place your hands on the baby’s butt and then swing the baby from the hips to one side and then another, and then twist the baby’s butt upwards a little bit a couple of times. In terms of strength do as you would like it.

This has been one of those magic techniques that I use when doing baby massage classes and home visits. After this massage babies have pooped numerous times in one day and there are always people whose problems are already solved during the classes.

Massage technique mentioned above is not only for the babies, I definitely recommend to use them on bigger children as well as to try it on your own if you are faced with constipation after a bigger dinner.

Enjoy practicing tummy massage!


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