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I advise to invest in little feet

I am very passionate about shoes, and especially about shoes for children – this interest has grown especially over the past couple of years on my career path.

A couple of weeks ago I went to buy new shoes for the little princess which inspired me to write a couple words on this topic. It is very important to remember that you need to get the shoes according to the current size of their feet. This means that you should not buy shoes that are a couple of numbers bigger to save money, or because you like a specific design that does not have the size you need. You also should not get smaller shoes.

Q: What to keep in mind when choosing shoes? Remember: size, model, quality. Some children’s feet are quite high and then you should look for models meant for higher feet. I advise to stick to quality brands where the company does take this into consideration. Most children seem to be flat-footed but there are no reasons for worrying, as feet develop with time and it’s hard to tell anything when they are small. Now many say that flat feet are hereditary and this cannot be avoided, but actually this is not that bad and you can always make it easier or even avoid it in many cases. For this, you need to ensure that the shoes you get have a proper strong sole (not soft slippers), with support inside and around the heel. I am very well aware that everyone has different opinions on this and I respect these as well.

Q: When should children start wearing shoes? This depends on the child as some run around as soon as they reach 8 months, and others when they are a year and half. My recommendation is that you should start thinking about shoes when the child starts propping themselves up. Of course with this I advise to seek advice from a doctor or orthopedic. But which shoes to select and what kind of shoes to get depends on the parent.

Another note to keep in mind – if the children start propping themselves up and try to walk around on their toes, then this means that their bottom muscles are not strong enough, so their body weight falls on the chest area. How to understand that the bottom muscles are strong enough? If the child walks around and falls on their butt instead falling on their stomach, and they do not try to walk around on their toes, you know that their muscles are strong enough.

Q: How to get the baby to have strong bottom muscles? Take a seat on the floor and place the child to stand between your feet. Hold their body (not arms) and let them stand up and sit down while the child’s feet are fixated between your legs and they cannot stand on their toes.

I can tell from my own experience that I probably did not have strong muscles on my own as I was always on my stomach – even on a smooth asphalt road (even when I was attending school). My knees and hands were always scratched (still have scars to prove it!) and even though I knew to place a leaf of a hen plant on it, who knows how many pairs of stockings I ruined by falling on my knees!

I can remember my first shoes were closed-toe shoes, light brown and probably made from leather. But I liked these a lot and probably used these until these could physically not be worn any longer. When I was young, no one really looked at whether shoes were too big or had become too small. But I’m afraid due to wearing smaller shoes my smallest toes are slightly deformed.

My favourite children’s shoe brands are Jacadi and Dpam.


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