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I’m sending you my warmest greetings from Ibiza!

I posted something to Instagram yesterday (kadiandbabies), to which I got many questions asking if it’s really a good idea to go to Ibiza with children? Then I got some more questions about how it is over there, isn’t the island mostly for party-goers etc.

Thanks to my job I travel a lot and get to visit the best places in the world. At the moment I’ve been in Ibiza for about a week – the family I work for rented a villa for the holidays. It’s a very nice place, and so peaceful that it reminds me of my grandmother’s countryside cottage.

Like with any country or island, there’s always some kind of an image that pops to your mind, and Ibiza is no different. Mention the name of it, and most know it’s the island of crazy parties, women wearing almost nothing but high heels, and endless yards filled with men looking to fill their nights with pleasure. And as I managed to fit all that into once sentence, that’s all I’m going to say.

Yesterday I got a couple hours of free time to have a stroll around the city. I wasn’t too impressed if I’m being honest, especially as it is an island who earns its keep through tourism. The city was completely packed, although it was only Wednesday.

But you can find outside restaurants at every corner, and during my stroll these were filled with mostly families. I decided against doing the same, with my last trip to Spain illustrated with food poisoning. However, I did grab some ice cream which sounded like the safest bet. There is much to discover, and Ibiza also has lots of museums. So if I get another second off somewhere in-between, I’ll go pay these a visit and will share what I discovered.

Getting home was the only problem I had, as taxi drivers are used to going from hotel to a hotel, but very few are willing to go to the villas that are up in the mountains. So there I found myself, explaining to the 6th taxi driver of my problem, as no one else was willing to take me up there although I had the exact coordinates and a map on my phone. And as Ibiza doesn’t have any taxi apps, you have to find the taxi spot somewhere in the city. Luckily for me, the 6th taxi driver was a local who knew where to go and how. But even then I still had to find the correct villa all by myself.

So there’s no surprise that my feet were burning by the time I got home.

Some things I greatly appreciate during my current trip is that the house has a team who takes care of everything. Team who makes sure my clothes are all clean and ironed, and the chefs who ensure my tummy is full of only the best.

As I didn’t dine outside that evening, I loved the considerateness of the house team who had left me some Thai food in the fridge… what else can one wish for when exhausted and hungry. So whoever wishes to go to Ibiza for the holidays, feel free to go – it’s not as bad as it sounds or people make it out to be.

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