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Let’s get this blog started!

Nowadays I get numerous questions from parents all over the world and also provide specialised consultations. And with this thought I have understood that I want to share what I have learned, which is how I have decided to start a blog.

This blog is meant for absolutely every single person who is either planning a family or already has one, whose naughty grandchildren are currently pulling a cat’s tail in the backyard or who are planning to change their field of work (like I did) and start working with babies and/or toddlers. I know that sometimes it can be so hard and overwhelming that you lock yourself in the bathroom and cry your heart out – I can completely understand this, and in this blog I plan to discuss different aspects of parenthood, from preparing for pregnancy to how to stay sane in this world filled with babies and toddlers.

I also plan to share what I am currently reading and share my experiences and thoughts on the topic of family itself and everything it includes.

This blog is especially special and a baby on my own as I also share my day-to-day activities which, believe me, is never boring and is always filled with many mind-boggling things that can be at times hard to comprehend. Additionally, my second passion to travel will be reflected within the posts as well.

I will try to maintain my unique sense of humour and sarcasm, and always promise to give you the whole truth without hiding anything.


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