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Ten reasons why to spend more time with children!

1. The hugs, smiles and emotions that children have and give, are sincere and will lighten up even everyday mundane tasks.

2. Children are ready to go outside or to a park even if it rains cats or dogs or snows.

3. Children do not judge you, they decide who you are by your actions and the promises you give (so never promise anything you cannot fulfil, as these will disappoint and hurt children the most).

4. Children forgive, so admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness if you have done something wrong.

5. Children do not judge your cooking skills with stars, they will be happy to eat anything you have prepared with love and care. Even if it’s a little burnt.

6. Children will think you’re a lot more awesome if instead of driving them around, you go with them by a bike, a scooter or a skateboard.

7. Children do want to help you with house chores, so let them.

8. Children teach patience.

9. Children will never mind if you are being silly, make some jokes or draw a monkey when instead you were supposed to draw them.

10. If you are ill, then believe me that there are no better doctors than your children. They will bring you medicine, water and will pat your head.

Good night!

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