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When can you go outside with your baby?

Oh the happiness and joy, you have just come home from the hospital and now you have a new anxiety because you want to go try the stroller. You've also dreamed of going for a walk with your girl-friends, but various institutions advise you to sit in the room during the first weeks of your baby's life and, at best, only get fresh air from a crack in the window.

The above is an outdated notion and just a myth, because it has not been scientifically established that being in the fresh air with a baby in any way harms the child's health. If possible, you should avoid crowded events and concerts in the first months of the baby's life, but a walk to the grocery store or the park is completely normal.

If you go to the store/indoors with a baby/small child, make sure that the child does not overheat. Indoors, outerwear could be unzipped and the hat removed if necessary.

Outside with the baby.

If you have come home from the hospital and your health allows you to go for a walk, you can even go on the same day. (Of course, the exception here are children who have some health problem, and therefore it is not recommended to go outside.)

The first walk could be 30-45 minutes close to home so that you can go home if necessary. (You may feel down sometimes and the baby may start crying from hunger).

When you go outside with your baby, you should remember not to overdress or underdress the baby, in both cases the baby will let you know about it with its soft cry.

If you go for a walk with your baby, please use a stroller, not a safety cradle. The latter looks tiny and cute, but only use the safety cradle in the car as safety equipment for which it is actually intended, because this way you avoid the baby being in an excessive forced position and reduce the possibility of colic.


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