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Who is Good Father and Good Mother!?!

How recently we had Father's Day and the topic was, of course, who and what qualities is the best father?! Does the best dad leave his job overseas and rush to change diapers? At the same time, there is also a question about the mother, is the best mother the one who breastfeeds, sits at home at least until the child is three years old and gives up socializing for the sake of the child? Probably on this topic I could write a book or even an episode of a series that would run on TV screens like Home and Away.

Every parent should follow their instincts and not be disturbed by the norms developed in society and the finger-wagging/gossip of outsiders. After all, parents whose children have taken home the ability to empathize and care for others can enjoy the fruits of their labor and be proud, regardless of the parenting method and how much they have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the so-called "child's well-being".

Personally, I think that you can be the best parent without sacrificing yourself. The best parents are those who love their child unconditionally. Children with loving parents are healthier.

Did you know how resourceful parents are who work a lot and have perhaps hired a babysitter instead? The father, who travels a lot for work, has recorded bedtime stories, which are transmitted to the child every night via video. Or a mother who makes a video of the day every morning when she goes to work and it is transmitted to the child.

I would choose the best parents who spend quality time with their child, whether it's an hour a day or just the weekend.

As an adult, the child remembers the happy moments he was able to spend with his parents.

The child does not keep time records, unlike your employer who keeps track of the hours worked. When raising a child, I recommend putting emphasis on quality, not quantity.

And still the question seems to hang in the air, who is the best parent in the end? The answer is simple - the one who loves they child unconditionally!

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