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Why are babies not happy to sleep in their own bed?

There is heaps of literature on the topic of babies and sleep, and way too many techniques that people advise to practice. This topic has always been important because new parents do not wish for their baby to cry and quite often thin walls and sensitive neighbours can create way too much stress. If the baby has a set sleeping schedule in place, then I would advise to follow it if it works – baby’s sleep is sacred after all. I am sure every parent has experienced that when away from home, baby’s sleeping time can shift half an hour or even more, and then it is hard to get the overtired child to sleep at all. In this situation you will need patience, lots of hugs and care for the child. Overall, breastfeeding mom’s are especially sensitive to baby’s cries, and because of this I would advise the overtired baby to be left in dad’s care. If you wish to change sleeping times, then change them by 5 to 10 minutes per day, either earlier or later. This way change is easier on the baby and for the parents as well. Many have experienced when the baby falls asleep, then placing them in their bed will only wake them up and make them cry.

Not to worry though as I have a very simple trick for you to avoid this! Do not recycle all the bottles you get and keep a couple of 2L plastic bottles. Place the plastic bottle filled with hot water in the baby’s bed around 15 minutes before the baby’s bedtime. When you have the baby asleep in your arms, then take the bottle away and place the baby in the bed. Usually he or she will not even notice the change and will sleep peacefully.


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