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Why do I like a Christmas hustle in September?

Last Sunday I was very happy because the Christmas things are already out in the shops in London. Usually at the end of August, I make a list to whom I send a Christmas card the old-fashioned way and who needs a gift. The latter is the most important especially for children.

I really like to choose wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, gifts and cards early, giving me the chance to enjoy the month of December. I like it when there is a large selection of wrapping papers and Christmas cards, as opposed to leaving all the purchases to the last minute, a million pairs of hands having gone through wrapping papers and making the prettiest cards look shabby.

During the month of Christmas, we make gingerbread with the children, make gifts and write Christmas cards, drink hot chocolate by the fireplace and read Christmas stories.

Isn't it crazy how people rush to buy gifts at the last minute, and you know that in many cases it's something unwanted that you want to get rid of quickly, for example by re-gifting.

Last year, we picked up all the pine cones we could find in the park, painted them and packed them in transparent bags that could be hung on the tree. The most special gifts for family members were cups that the children themselves had decorated and written their names on.

Doing things early also means December is not a month to go bankrupt, having spread out Christmas expenses over the previous months.

During the Christmas month, I always consider it very important to meet friends and family members to talk about how the year has passed and what are the expectations for the new year.


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